We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Leverage Build Process Capabilities

Visual Studio 2012

The topics in this section describe some of the general capabilities you can leverage in your build process.

Define a build process with automatic triggers

You can manually queue a build whenever necessary, but your team’s needs will, in most cases, be best met by a build process that starts a build automatically when one or more criteria are met. For example, you can configure your build process to start a build automatically whenever code is checked in or at the same time or times every day.

Control and load useful data into the names of completed builds

For example, you can automatically embed the name of the build definition and the date on which the build was run into the name of each completed build.

Define how workspaces are created

The build agent follows your specifications when it creates a build workspace to facilitate downloading the files (such as source code files) that it works on. You should define this workspace so that your build process runs efficiently.

Publish the symbol data in your PDB files to a SymStore symbol store

If you publish this data, your team can debug code with IntelliTrace.

Control the verbosity of build information

It is often useful to get detailed information about a completed build, but a build process that logs too much information overloads your team members and your servers.

Define a build process that runs tests and analyzes the impact of code changes on your tests

For example, you can define a build process to serve as your team’s regularly scheduled build verification test (BVT) run.

Set up drop folders

You must designate and prepare one or more drop folders so that your build system can deliver output to your team.

Define a Build Process that is Based on the Default Template

You can use the Default Template to quickly define a basic build by selecting the code projects that you want to build.

Team Foundation Build Activities

The Team Foundation Build activities are the fundamental components of the build process in your Team Foundation Build system.