Azure PowerShell

Updated: December 15, 2014

Azure PowerShell is a powerful scripting environment that you can use to control and automate the deployment and management of your workloads in Azure. Whether you are experienced with Windows PowerShell or a new user, instructions are available to help you get started provisioning virtual machines, setting up virtual networks and cross-premises networks, and managing cloud services in Azure.

Getting started with the Azure cmdlets

To prepare to use the cmdlets in Azure PowerShell, download and install the module, and then connect to Azure through your subscription. You can download the module directly from Microsoft. For instructions, see How to install and configure Azure PowerShell. To learn about tips that can help you use the cmdlets, such as how parameter values, inputs, and outputs are typically handled in Azure PowerShell, see Get Started with Azure Cmdlets.

Learn More

See the following resources to learn more about using the cmdlets:

For basic instructions about using Windows PowerShell, see Using Windows PowerShell.

For reference information about the cmdlets, see Azure Cmdlet Reference.

For sample scripts and instructions to help you learn to use scripting to manage Azure, see the Script Center.