ATL Wizards and Dialog Boxes


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The Active Template Library (ATL) wizards generate boilerplate code for various kinds of COM objects. You can run the wizards by opening the shortcut menu for a project in Solution Explorer and choosing Add, Class.

Creating an ATL ProjectDescribes the ATL project wizard and its settings.
ATL Simple ObjectCreates a basic object.
ATL Property PageCreates a basic property page.
ATL OLE DB ProviderCreates a basic OLE DB provider.
ATL OLE DB ConsumerCreates a basic OLE DB consumer.
ATL Dialog BoxCreates a basic dialog box.
ATL ControlCreates a basic ActiveX control.
ATL COM+ 1.0 ComponentCreates a basic ATL COM+ 1.0 component
ATL Active Server Page ComponentCreates a basic ATL Active Server Page component.
ATL COM Desktop ComponentsLinks to the ATL documentation.