MFC Wizards and Dialog Boxes


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The Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) wizards generate boilerplate code for various kinds of components and objects. You can run the wizards by opening the shortcut menu for a project in Solution Explorer and choosing Add, Class.

Creating an MFC DLL ProjectCreates a DLL based on MFC.
Creating an MFC ApplicationGenerates an MFC application.
Creating an MFC ActiveX Control ContainerGenerates a container for an ActiveX control.
Creating an MFC ActiveX ControlGenerates an ActiveX control based on MFC.
MFC ClassCreates a basic class.
MFC Class from a Type LibraryGenerates a class and populates it based on the type library that you specify.
MFC Message HandlerCreates a handler for a Windows message.
MFC ODBC ConsumeCreates a component that can communicate with an ODBC database.
ATL Support in an MFC ProjectCreates headers and macros that are required by the Active Template Library (ATL).
MFC Class WizardCreates an .h file and a .cpp file.
MFC Desktop ApplicationsLinks to the MFC documentation.