XSLT Error Messages


The Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) processor returns the following error messages.

Error codeError stringDescription
0xC00CE300XSL_PROCESSOR_STACKOVERFLOWThe XSL processor stack has overflowed - probable cause is infinite template recursion.
0xC00CE301XSL_PROCESSOR_UNEXPECTEDKEYWORDKeyword %1 may not be used here.
0xC00CE303XSL_PROCESSOR_BADROOTThe root of an XSL stylesheet must be an element.
0xC00CE304XSL_PROCESSOR_KEYWORDMAYNOTFOLLOWKeyword %1 may not follow %2.
0xC00CE305XSL_PROCESSOR_INVALIDSCRIPTENGINE%1 is not a scripting language.
0xC00CE306MSG_E_FORMATINDEX_BADINDEXThe value passed in to formatIndex needs to be greater than 0.
0xC00CE307MSG_E_FORMATINDEX_BADFORMATInvalid format string.
0xC00CE308XSL_PROCESSOR_SCRIPTERROR_LINEline = %1, col = %2 (line is offset from the start of the script block).
0xC00CE309XSL_PROCESSOR_METHODERRORError returned from property or method call.
0xC00CE30AMSG_E_SYSTEM_ERRORSystem error: %1.
0xC00CE30BXSL_KEYWORD_MAYNOTCONTAINKeyword %1 may not contain %3.
0xC00CE30CXSL_KEYWORD_NOTINNAMESPACEKeyword %1 may not be used in namespace %2.
0xC00CE30DMSG_E_BISTATE_ATTRIBUTEThe value of the '%1' attribute may only be '%2' or '%3'.
0xC00CE30FXSL_PROCESSOR_LOADCYCLEStylesheet '%1' cannot directly or indirectly include itself.
0xC00CE310XSL_PROCESSOR_INVALIDURL'%1' is not a valid URL.
0xC00CE311XSL_PROCESSOR_NOROOTThe stylesheet does not contain a document element. The stylesheet may be empty, or it may not be a well-formed XML document.
0xC00CE312XSL_PROCESSOR_PARSEERRORError while parsing '%1'. %2
0xC00CE313XSL_PROCESSOR_BADPRIORITY'%1' is not a valid priority value.
0xC00CE314XSL_PROCESSOR_NONODELISTReference to variable or parameter '%1' must evaluate to a node list.
0xC00CE315XSL_PROCESSOR_DUP_TMPL_VARVariable or parameter '%1' cannot be defined twice within the same template.
0xC00CE316XSL_PROCESSOR_UNDEFINED_VARIABLEA reference to variable or parameter '%1' cannot be resolved. The variable or parameter may not be defined, or it may not be in scope.
0xC00CE317XSL_PROCESSOR_SCRIPTLANGS_CONFLICTNamespace '%1' cannot contain script blocks with different values of the language attribute.
0xC00CE318XSL_PROCESSOR_NOFUNCSNamespace '%1' does not contain any functions.
0xC00CE319XSL_PROCESSOR_INVALIDFUNCNamespace '%1' does not contain function '%2'.
0xC00CE320XSL_PROCESSOR_BADRETVALFunction '%1' did not return a value, or it returned a value that cannot be converted to an XSL data type.
0xC00CE321XSL_PROCESSOR_NAMED_METHODERROR%1 Error occurred during a call to property or method '%2'.
0xC00CE322XSL_PROCESSOR_PARAMERROR%1 Error occurred with parameter %2 during a call to property or method '%3'.
0xC00CE323MSG_E_BAD_ATTRIBUTE_VALThe value '%2' is invalid for attribute '%1'.
0xC00CE324XSL_PROCESSOR_REFCYCLEGlobal variable '%1' may not contain direct or indirect reference to itself. Circular definitions are not allowed.
0xC00CE325XSL_KEYWORD_MAYNOTCONTAINNODEKeyword %1 may not contain %2 nodes.
0xC00CE326XSL_KEYWORD_AMBIGUOUSBINDINGVariable or parameter '%1' cannot have both a select attribute and non-empty content.
0xC00CE327XSL_PROCESSOR_DUPLICATE_TEMPLATENAMENamed template '%1' cannot be defined more than once with the same import precedence.
0xC00CE328XSL_PROCESSOR_UNDEFINED_TEMPLATENAMENamed template '%1' does not exist in the stylesheet.
0xC00CE329XSL_PROCESSOR_DUP_GLOBAL_VARGlobal variable or parameter '%1' cannot be defined more than once with the same import precedence.
0xC00CE32AXSL_PROCESSOR_IMPORT_IN_LOOPThe xsl:apply-imports instruction may only occur within an xsl:template instruction with a match attribute, and may not occur within an xsl:for-each instruction.
0xC00CE32BXSL_PROCESSOR_UNDEFINED_ATTRSETA reference to attribute set '%1' cannot be resolved. An xsl:attribute-set of this name must be declared at the top-level of the stylesheet.
0xC00CE32CXSL_PROCESSOR_REFCYCLE_ATTRSETAttribute set '%1' may not directly or indirectly reference itself.
0xC00CE32DXSL_PROCESSOR_INCLUDE_ERROR%1 Error occurred during compilation of included or imported stylesheet '%2'.
0xC00CE32EXSL_PROCESSOR_INVALID_ATTRAttribute '%1' is invalid on '%2'.
0xC00CE32FXSL_PROCESSOR_NEED_WHENxsl:choose must have at least one xsl:when child.
0xC00CE330XSL_PROCESSOR_INVALID_PREFIX'%1' is not a valid namespace prefix value.
0xC00CE331XSL_PROCESSOR_UNKNOWN_EXTENSIONElement '%1' is not a recognized extension element.
0xC00CE332XSL_PROCESSOR_EXTENSION_ROOTThe stylesheet element may not be an extension element.
0xC00CE333XSL_PROCESSOR_UNDEFINED_KEYA reference to key '%1' cannot be resolved. An xsl:key instruction of this name must be declared at the top-level of the stylesheet.
0xC00CE334XSL_PROCESSOR_UNKNOWN_FUNC'%1' is not a valid XSLT or XPath function.
0xC00CE335XSL_PROCESSOR_NONODESET_FUNCFunction '%1' in namespace '%2' must return a node-set.
0xC00CE336XSL_PROCESSOR_NONODESET_ARGArgument %1 must return a node-set.
0xC00CE337XSL_PROCESSOR_MODE_NOMATCHxsl:template may not have a mode attribute if it does not have a match attribute.
0xC00CE338XSL_PROCESSOR_NOFUNC_PATTERNThe %1() function may not be used in a match pattern.
0xC00CE339XSL_PROCESSOR_ATTR_CHARThe value of the '%1' attribute must be a single character.
0xC00CE33AXSL_PROCESSOR_DUP_DECFMTThe '%1' attribute on xsl:decimal-format '%2' may not be redefined with a value of '%3'.
0xC00CE33BXSL_PROCESSOR_INVALID_DECFMTDecimal format '%1' does not exist in the stylesheet.
0xC00CE33CXSL_PROCESSOR_SCRIPTING_DENIEDSecurity settings do not allow the execution of script code within this stylesheet.
0xC00CE33DXSL_BAD_LANGThe system does not recognize '%1' as a valid language code.
0xC00CE33EXSL_PROCESSOR_PREFIX_CONFLICTThe multiple script blocks that implement namespace '%1' may not have different URI mappings for the same '%2' prefix.
0xC00CE33FXSL_PROCESSOR_EXPR_FUNCThis expression may not contain a call to the %1() function.
0xC00CE340XSL_PROCESSOR_LITERAL_ARGSWhen the %1() function appears in a match pattern, its arguments must be string literals.
0xC00CE341XSL_BAD_COMP_OPTIONSString comparison options '%1' are either invalid or cannot be used together.
0xC00CE342XSL_DUPLICATE_WITH_PARAMParameter '%1' cannot be defined more than once within the same xsl:call-template or xsl:apply-templates instruction.
0xC00CE343XSL_EMPTY_BASE_URIRelative URI '%1' cannot be resolved using an empty base URI node-set as the second parameter to the document() function.
0xC00CE344XSL_OLD_NAMESPACEThe 'http://www.w3.org/TR/WD-xsl' namespace is no longer supported in this version of MSXML.