Additional Help for Kinect Developers

Kinect for Windows 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8

This page contains additional help such as links to related information, links to other SDKs that are required, and additional information for developers who may be using a Kinect sensor for development purposes.


Xbox 360 Developers

The Xbox 360 uses a Kinect sensor optimized for the Xbox 360 (as opposed to a Kinect for Windows sensor which is optimized for a personal computer). Here are some Xbox 360 features that are not supported in the Kinect for Windows SDK:

  • Initialization of ATG simple shaders
  • Implementation of Picture in Picture (PiP)
  • Gestures (although you can use depth streams for gesture-like effects)
  • Identity

The Kinect for Windows SDK is not designed for developing prototype applications that can be ported to the Xbox 360 console. There are numerous architectural, performance, and behavioral differences between Xbox 360 and Windows. These differences affect how the Kinect technology is implemented for Windows. As a result, design decisions and performance characteristics are often different between the two platforms. We recommend that you use an Xbox 360 development kit (XDK hardware and software) to create an Xbox 360 application.

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