Microsoft.Kinect.Toolkit.FaceTracking Component

Kinect for Windows 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8

Provides a managed wrapper API for the native FaceTracking library.


This managed code project contains a wrapper API for the native FaceTracking library. As the face tracking library is NOT a part of the SDK itself, but distributed through the toolkit, you must use this component in your C# or VB application to access face tracking features.

For details on FaceTracking library components, technical requirements, and usage, see Face Tracking .

To Use the Component

  1. The component contains project configurations for x86 and amd64 CPU architectures. A Visual Studio project that references this component will have to be configured for the specific CPU architecture as well.
  2. This component relies on the native DLLs for the Face Tracking SDK. These DLLs are available in the %PROGRAMFILES%\Developer Toolkit v1.5.0\redist directories. Copy the native DLLS appropriate to your CPU architecture to the build output directory.
  3. For an example, see the Face Tracking Basics-WPF C# Sample.

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