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MediaTypeFormatter.SetDefaultContentHeaders Method

Sets the default headers for content that will be formatted using this formatter. This method is called from the ObjectContent constructor. This implementation sets the Content-Type header to the value of mediaType if it is not null. If it is null it sets the Content-Type to the default media type of this formatter. If the Content-Type does not specify a charset it will set it using this formatters configured Encoding.

Namespace:  System.Net.Http.Formatting
Assembly:  System.Net.Http.Formatting (in System.Net.Http.Formatting.dll)

Public Overridable Sub SetDefaultContentHeaders ( _
	type As Type, _
	headers As HttpContentHeaders, _
	mediaType As MediaTypeHeaderValue _
Dim instance As MediaTypeFormatter 
Dim type As Type 
Dim headers As HttpContentHeaders 
Dim mediaType As MediaTypeHeaderValue

instance.SetDefaultContentHeaders(type, _
	headers, mediaType)


Type: System.Type

The type of the object being serialized. See ObjectContent.

Type: HttpContentHeaders

The content headers that should be configured.

Type: MediaTypeHeaderValue

The authoritative media type. Can be null.

Subclasses can override this method to set content headers such as Content-Type etc. Subclasses should call the base implementation. Subclasses should treat the passed in mediaType (if not null) as the authoritative media type and use that as the Content-Type.

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