IntrastatTransfer_HU.initIntrastatFromFreeCustInvoiceTrans Method [AX 2012]

Initiates an Intrastat line from a CustInvoiceTrans line of a free text invoice.

protected Intrastat initIntrastatFromFreeCustInvoiceTrans(
    CustInvoiceJour _custInvoiceJour, 
    CustInvoiceTrans _custInvoiceTrans, 
    IntrastatTransferMap _intrastatTransferMap)

Run On



Type: CustInvoiceJour Table
CustPackingSlipJour record realted to the CustPackingSlipTrans line.
Type: CustInvoiceTrans Table
The source CustPackingSlipTrans line.
Type: IntrastatTransferMap Map
The map that contains mapping information to Intrastat.

Return Value

Type: Intrastat Table
The initalized Intrastat line.