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uniformMatrix3fv method

Sets values for a 3x3 floating point vector matrix into a uniform location as a matrix or a matrix array.




WebGLRenderingContext.uniformMatrix3fv(location, transpose, value);


location [in]

Type: WebGLUniformLocation

The location of uniform variable to be updated. Locate set by getUniformLocation.

transpose [in]

Type: boolean

Sets whether to transpose the matrix as the values are loaded into the uniform variable. Must be set to gl.FALSE.

value [in]

Type: Float32Array

An array of float values representing one or more 3x3 matrices.

Return value

This method does not return a value.


WebGL errorDescription
  • The location doesn't belong to the current program.
  • There is no active program.
  • The passed in uniform location isn't a matrix of the required dimensions.
  • The length of value array isn't a multople of the required matrix element count.
  • If transpose equals gl.TRUE.


If the location is null, no uniforms are updated and no error code is generated.

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