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DefaultAction Property

An object's DefaultAction property describes the object's primary method of manipulation from the user's viewpoint. An object's DefaultAction property should be a verb or a short verb phrase.

The DefaultAction property is retrieved by calling IAccessible::get_accDefaultAction.

To perform an object's default action, clients call IAccessible::accDoDefaultAction.

Not all objects have default actions, and some objects have a default action that is related to its Value property, such as in the following examples:

  • A selected check box has a default action of "Uncheck" and a value of "Checked."
  • A cleared check box has a default action of "Check" and a value of "Unchecked."
  • A button labeled "Print" has a default action of "Press," with no value.
  • A static text control or an edit control that shows "Printer" has no default action, but has a value of "Printer."



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