This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual J# Reference

Visual Studio 2005

This section links you to reference information on various aspects of Visual J# programming.

In This Section

Language Support

Provides reference information on Visual J++® 6.0 and .NET Framework features that are and are not supported in Visual J#.

Class Library Support

Lists the packages supported and not supported, as well as implementation-specific details for the class library support.

Security Semantics for Applications Written in Visual J#

Discusses the security considerations for Visual J# applications.

Visual J# Upgrading Reference

Provides reference information on issues in upgrading projects from Visual J++ 6.0 to Visual J#.

J# Keywords

Provides links to topics on the language keywords you can use in your Visual J# programs.

J# Operators

Provides links to topics on the operators you can use in your Visual J# programs.

Visual J# Compiler

References the Visual J# compiler options. Includes information on building from the command line.

Visual J# Class Library

Provides an introduction to the J# Class Library, which is Microsoft's implementation of a subset of the JDK 1.1.4 specification.

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