Arranges all the minimized (iconic) child windows.

UINT ArrangeIconicWindows( );

The height of one row of icons if the function is successful; otherwise 0.

This member function also arranges icons on the desktop window, which covers the entire screen. The GetDesktopWindow member function retrieves a pointer to the desktop window object.

To arrange iconic MDI child windows in an MDI client window, call CMDIFrameWnd::MDIIconArrange.

// arrange minimized MDI child windows 
// called from menu item; CMdiChildFrame is derived from CMDIChildWnd 
void CMdiChildFrame::OnActionArrangeIconicWindows()
   UINT height = GetParent()->ArrangeIconicWindows();   
   TRACE(_T("height = %d\n"), height);

Header: afxwin.h