Category 'category name' contains the member 'member name'. The identifier for this member is not a defined IDE element or category. 

This project is governed by development policies defined in a policy actions file. The policy definitions file for this project contains a list of the members of this category. An IDE element or category that is listed as a member of the category is not defined elsewhere in the policy definitions file. If it is an IDE element, it must be defined in one of the ElementDefs elements. If it is another category, it must be defined in a CategoryDefs element.

To solve this problem

  • If the IDE element or category with the ID named does not exist, do not use it.

  • If the policy file should permit this IDE element or category within the category named, do the following.

    1. Close the project.

    2. Open the policy definitions file for this project.

    3. Define the IDE element or category.

    4. Within the description of this category, check that the IDE element or category is named properly.

    5. Save and close the policy definitions file.

    6. Reopen the project.

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