This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Class instancing was changed to Public

Visual Studio .NET 2003

In Visual Basic 6.0, instance creation was controlled by the Instancing property of a class, which set both the access level (Public, Private, Friend) of a class and the way an object could be created.

In Visual Basic .NET, the Instancing property is no longer supported; you control the way that an object can be created by setting the access level of the constructor (Sub New). For more information, see Component Instancing Changes in Visual Basic.

There is no direct equivalent for SingleUse, GlobalSingleUse, or GlobalMultiUse instancing in Visual Basic .NET; when the Instancing property is set to one of these values, the access level of both the class and the constructor are set to Public during upgrade.

What to do next

  • Review your code. The behavior may be slightly different than it was in Visual Basic 6.0, and you may need to change the access level of the class and/or the constructor.

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