Microsoft Specific

Reads the lower 64 bits of b and stores them into the lower 64 bits of a.

void _mm_storel_epi64( 
   __m128i* a 
   __m128i b 

[in] a

An __m128i structure in memory to write to.

[in] b

An __m128i structure (mapping to an XMM hardware register) to read from.




x86 with SSE2 support, x64

This intrinsic is useful for moving data from an MMX register into system memory.

This routine is only available as an intrinsic.

// _mm_storel_epi64.cpp
// processor: x86
#include <emmintrin.h>
#include <stdio.h>
extern "C"
   void _mm_storel_epi64(__m128i* a, __m128i b);
#pragma intrinsic(_mm_storel_epi64, _mm_empty, _mm_set1_epi64)

int main()
   __m128i m, n;
   __m64 q;

   // q is in memory
   q.m64_i64 = 100;
   // m is stored in the XMM register
   m = _mm_set1_epi64(q);

   // write to n in memory.
   _mm_storel_epi64(&n, m);
   // Return to floating point (x86 only)
#ifdef _M_IX86

   // The first element is 100
   // The second parameter is garbage
   printf("%I64d %I64d\n", n.m128i_i64[0], n.m128i_i64[1]);

100 8639981687544439014

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