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Compiler Error C3066


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there are multiple ways that an object of this type can be called with these arguments

The compiler detected an ambiguous function call involving surrogates.

The following sample generates C3066:

// C3066.cpp  
template <class T, class U> void func(T*, U*){}  
typedef void (*PF)(const int*, const char*);  
typedef void (*PF1)(const int*, volatile char*);  
struct A {  
   operator PF() const {  
      return func;  
   operator PF1() {  
      return func;  
   operator PF1() const  {  
      return func;  
int main() {  
   A a;  
   int i;  
   char c;  
   a(&i, &c);   // C3066  
   a(&i, (const char *) &c);   // OK