Displaying Reports in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV SharePoint Client

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal Framework enables you can display Microsoft Dynamics NAV reports on Microsoft SharePoint sites. There are two ways to display pages and reports:

Limitations of Reports on a SharePoint Site

Reports have the following limitations with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Portal Framework compared to Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client.

  • Cannot specify filters in the report URL.

  • Limited filtering on the request page.

    There is a limit on the number of filters a user can set. The user can only specify one filter in addition to the number of filter fields that are set by the ReqFilterFields Property or the SETRECFILTER function in C/AL code.

  • Cannot print a report locally without a request page.

    If a report is run by calling the REPORT.RUN Function and the function call does not use a request page, then you must set up reports to print from Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server, otherwise you will get an error at runtime. Client-side printing is not supported in this scenario. For more information, see How to: Specify Printer Selection for Reports and STARTSESSION Function (Sessions).

  • Sorting on a report from the request page is not available.

  • Cannot display reports in Web Parts.

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