We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

What's new in version control

When you install or upgrade to Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013, you and your team can benefit from new features.

You can create and develop your app in a Git team project. You can also use Visual Studio with Git to work in a repository that’s hosted on another Git service such as CodePlex or GitHub. See Use Visual Studio with Git.

Hover over a Git team project to get information
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Are you using Visual Studio 2012? If so, see Use Visual Studio 2012 with Git Tools.

After you install Team Foundation Server Update 4, you can Conduct a Git pull request for code in an on-premises team project.

  • Getting started after opening a team project is simplified by a new user experience.

    Configure your workspace from the Home page
  • You can Undock undock the Pending Changes, Changeset Details, and Shelveset Details pages from Team Explorer and open them in new windows.

  • Open the Actions menu and choose Switch to List View to see Pending changes in a flat list

    Pending Changes in list view

Get more work done in your web browser with enhanced version control features on the web portal. (Keyboard: Ctrl + 0, A).

On the Home page, choose Web Access

The enhancements include:

  • Parallel user experiences for TFVC and Git

  • Enhanced navigation for exploring your code, including navigating within folders

  • View changeset and shelveset details, including a Diff view

  • View annotations

  • Search for changesets and shelvesets

  • Download a folder as a .zip file

  • Enhanced views of history, including ability to track into details before branch and rename operations

  • Enhanced capabilities to administer permissions

  • See your code in a view that looks similar to Visual Studio

    Annotated changes to a file on web portal

You can use Visual Studio 2012 with Git, as long as you can work within the following constraints: