KinectSensor.MapDepthToSkeletonPoint Method

Kinect for Windows 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8

Obsolete starting with version 1.6; replaced by the CoordinateMapper.MapDepthPointToSkeletonPoint method. In versions prior to 1.6, this method maps a coordinate (depthX, depthY) and depth value to a skeleton point.

public SkeletonPoint MapDepthToSkeletonPoint (
         DepthImageFormat depthImageFormat,
         int depthX,
         int depthY,
         short depthPixelValue


Type: DepthImageFormat
The format to use in the conversion.
Type: Int32
The x-coordinate of the depth frame.
Type: Int32
The y-coordinate of the depth frame.
Type: Int16
The value from the depth frame's pixel data at the given coordinate (depthX, depthY).

Return Value

Type: SkeletonPoint
The SkeletonPoint The skeleton point for the given position (x, y), depth and format.

This method performs a mapping from depth space to the same 3D space the skeleton data is described in. The coordinate and depth values may come from the depth frame or artificial values can be used.

There is a known issue with calling this method when the sensor is stopped or disconnected.

Namespace: Microsoft.Kinect
Assembly: Microsoft.Kinect (in microsoft.kinect.dll)

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