KinectSensor.MapDepthToColorImagePoint Method

Kinect for Windows 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8

Obsolete starting with version 1.6; replaced by the CoordinateMapper.MapDepthPointToColorPoint method. In versions prior to 1.6, this method maps a depth coordinate with depth value to a color coordinate.

public ColorImagePoint MapDepthToColorImagePoint (
         DepthImageFormat depthImageFormat,
         int depthX,
         int depthY,
         short depthPixelValue,
         ColorImageFormat colorImageFormat


Type: DepthImageFormat
The depth format of the source.
Type: Int32
The x-coordinate of the depth frame.
Type: Int32
The y-coordinate of the depth frame.
Type: Int16
The value from the depth frame's pixel data at the given (depthX, depthY) coordinate.
Type: ColorImageFormat
The desired target image format.

Return Value

Type: ColorImagePoint
The ColorImagePoint corresponding to the point in DepthImageFrame space.

Since the input format is based on the depth frame's pixel data, the depth is in the high-order 13 bits of the pixel (see Depth Stream). If you are calling this function using the depth value in depthPixelValue, bit-shift the depth value left by 3 bits before calling this function.

There is a known issue with calling this method when the sensor is stopped or disconnected.

Namespace: Microsoft.Kinect
Assembly: Microsoft.Kinect (in microsoft.kinect.dll)

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