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animationStartTime property

Obsolete. Returns a timestamp of the start time of the current refresh interval, such that multiple animations can be synchronized with each other.

This property is read-only.

Internet Explorer 10



ptr = object.animationStartTime


Property values

Type: DOMHighResTimeStamp

A DOMHighResTimeStamp value which represents the start time of the current refresh interval.

Standards information


Obsolete. Originally supported in pre-release versions of Internet Explorer 10, the animationStartTime property is superceded in favor of the performance.now property. Applications using animationStartTime should be updated accordingly.

Use the animationStartTime property instead of recording animation start time using the Date.now function in order to ensure that the clock you are using has millisecond resolution and is monotonically increasing (where later values are always larger than earlier values).

The value reported by the animationStartTime property represents the number of milliseconds between the recorded time and midnight January 1, 1970 (UTC).

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