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About the Bing Webmaster API

About the Bing Webmaster API

The Bing Application Programming Interface (API) Version 2 enables developers to build applications that can:

  • Retrieve information from the Internet

  • Get statistics about a website

  • Get URL information

Retrieve Information

You can use the Bing Webmaster API to retrieve the following types of content:

  • URL Traffic

  • Link Details

  • Rank & Traffic Stats

  • Crawl Stats

  • And More!

POX and JSON protocol URLs have the following format:

POX GET - https://ssl.bing.com/webmaster/api.svc/pox/METHOD_NAME?apikey=API_KEY&param1=VALUE&param2=VALUE&...&paramN=VALUE
POX POST - https://ssl.bing.com/webmaster/api.svc/pox/METHOD_NAME?apikey=API_KEY
JSON GET - https://ssl.bing.com/webmaster/api.svc/json/METHOD_NAME?apikey=API_KEY&param1=VALUE&param2=VALUE&...&paramN=VALUE
JSON POST - https://ssl.bing.com/webmaster/api.svc/json/METHOD_NAME?apikey=API_KEY

Also check out Bing Webmaster Tools API Services page for more information on POX & JSON as well.

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