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The set of common XML schema element definitions defined by this specification is summarized in the following table.



Address (section

Specifies a postal or street address.

Addresses (section

Specifies a list of postal or street addresses.

AddressSet (section

Specifies a set of address known entities.

Assignees (section

Specifies a set of assignees for a task.

Attendees (section

Specifies a set of attendees for a meeting.

Business (section

Specifies information about a business.

BusinessString (section

Specifies the name of a business.

Contact (section

Specifies information about a contact.

Contacts (section

Specifies a list of contacts.

ContactSet (section

Specifies a set of contact known entities.

ContactString (section

Specifies the name of a contact.

Email (section

Specifies information about an email address.

Emails (section

Specifies a list of email addresses.

EmailSet (section

Specifies a set of email address known entities.

EmailString (section

Specifies an email address.

EmailUser (section

Specifies information about an email user.

EndTime (section

Specifies the end date and time of a meeting.

Meeting (section

Specifies information about a meeting suggestion.

Meetings (section

Specifies a list of meeting suggestions.

MeetingSet (section

Specifies a set of meeting known entities.

MeetingString (section

Specifies a string that represents a meeting suggestion.

OriginalPhoneString (section

Specifies a phone number before normalization.

Person (section

Specifies information about a person.

PersonString (section

Specifies the name of a person.

Phone (section

Specifies information about a phone number.

Phones (section

Specifies a list of phone numbers.

PhoneSet (section

Specifies a set of phone number known entities.

PhoneString (section

Specifies a normalized phone number.

StartTime (section

Specifies the start date and time of a meeting.

Task (section

Specifies information about a task suggestion.

Tasks (section

Specifies a list of task suggestions.

TaskSet (section

Specifies a set of task known entities.

TaskString (section

Specifies a string that represents a task suggestion.

Url (section

Specifies information about a URL.

Urls (section

Specifies a list of URLs.

UrlSet (section

Specifies a set of URL known entities.

UrlString (section

Specifies a URL.

Version (section

Specifies the version of the XML schema that applies to the XML document.

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