Mail App Accesses Custom Properties

When a mail add-in accesses its custom properties on a Message object or Calendar object, the client performs the following steps:

  1. Looks up the identifier for the mail add-in in the manifest, as specified in [MS-OWEMXML].

  2. Generates a property name as specified in section 2.2.5.

  3. Uses the procedures specified in [MS-OXCPRPT] section and [MS-OXCPRPT] section to retrieve the value of the named property, which contains a JSON object that contains the mail app's custom properties.

  4. Returns the custom properties to the mail add-in.

If a mail add-in changes any of its custom properties, the client updates the JSON object, as specified in section 2.2.5, with the new information and writes it into the named property using the procedure specified in [MS-OXCPRPT] section