IEditor Interface

Applies to v2.

Represents a generic editor interface.

Namespace:  Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility.Editor
Assembly:  Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility (in Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility.dll)

public interface IEditor : IDisposable

The IEditor type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCommandTargetGets the command target.
Public propertyControl Gets the control that will be hosted in the UI.
Public propertyDirty Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the text was modified by the user.
Public propertyFilePathGets or sets the path to the file.
Public propertyHasFocusGets a value that indicates whether the editor has the focus.
Public propertyReadOnlyGets or sets a value that indicates whether user cannot edit text.
Public propertyServiceProvider Gets the optional services of this editor, for example IEditorSelection.
Public propertyTechnologyName Gets a string specifying the technology used in the file. For example a javascript file can be browser javascript or NodeJs, and hence will return different technology names.

Public methodDispose (Inherited from IDisposable.)
Public methodFocus Sets focus to the editor.

Public eventDirtyChanged Occurs after the value of the Dirty property has changed.
Public eventGotFocus Occurs when the focus has changed to the editor. If the editor is disposed no more events will be fired.
Public eventReadOnlyChanging Occurs when ReadOnly property is changing.