IIS Database Manager

Visual Studio 2008

IIS Database Manager allows you to easily manage your local and remote databases from within IIS Manager. IIS Database Manager automatically discovers databases based on the web server or application configuration and also provides the ability to connect to any database on the network. Once connected, IIS Database Manager provides a full array of administrative functionalities including managing tables, views, stored procedures and data as well as running ad hoc queries. IIS Database Manager provides support for Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. In addition, because IIS Database Manager is an extension of IIS Manager, administrators can securely delegate database management to authorized local or remote users, without having to open additional management ports on the server.

The classes in the following namespace enable developers to build a provider to manage a database by using IIS Manager. Administrators can use this provider and the IIS Manager interface to remotely manage a database over the Internet.




IIS Database Manager APIs.