Sales Tax

You can set up Microsoft Dynamics NAV to calculate sales tax. Companies collect and remit sales tax to government authorities for products that are sold to end users. Sales tax can be charged based on tax jurisdiction or charged to existing sales tax. You can also track unrealized sales tax in the general ledger.

To See

Prepare to use sales tax in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

How to: Set Up Sales Tax

Set up tax groups that represent a group of inventory items or resources that are subject to identical tax terms.

How to: Set Up Sales Tax Groups

Set up sales tax jurisdictions that are used to identify tax authorities. Each tax area is a grouping of sales tax jurisdictions that are based on a particular geographic location.

How to: Set Up Sales Tax Jurisdictions

Set up a matrix table that uses different combinations of sales tax jurisdictions and sales tax groups to establish sales tax rates.

How to: Set Up Sales Tax Details

Set up unrealized sales tax and maximum correction tax amounts so that you can limit the tax correction amounts that are entered for sales and purchases.

How to: Set Up Unrealized Sales Tax and Sales Payment Discounts

Set up use tax (United States) and purchase tax (Canada).

How to: Set Up Use Tax and Purchase Tax