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Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides enhancements for Spain in addition to the global enhancements.

New and Changed Features in the Spanish Version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Calculate due dates

Due dates must be calculated differently for sales to the public sector and sales to private companies. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can set up payment terms so that due dates are calculated according to legal requirements.

Calculating Due Dates

Model 340 report

Invoices and credit memos for sales and purchase must be reported to the tax authorities in the format called Model 340. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been updated to track reverse charge VAT and operation codes.

Report 340 also includes payments received in cash.

Report 340

Model 347 report

Companies must declare cash transactions over a certain amount. The Model 347 report has been updated for cash transactions.

Report 347 has also been updated to show customer and vendor details by quarter.

Report 347

Model 349 report

Since 2010, services must be included in the VAT statement. The Model 349 report has been updated to include services. Report 349 also includes delivery operation codes that describe how goods were imported and exported.

Report 349

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