VAT Recalculation

When a customer makes payment in a foreign currency, VAT must be recalculated using the exchange rate at the time of the invoice payment.

A company creates an invoice in a foreign currency for the purchase of taxable goods and taxable services by a foreign customer. This invoice includes VAT. When the customer makes the payment at a later date, VAT is recalculated based on the original sales amount, and adjusted for the new currency rates.

The following steps show how to create a report for unrealized VAT amounts:

  • Set up an option to allow recalculation of VAT upon receipt of payment.

  • Recalculate VAT upon receipt of payment.

  • Adjust journal entries for realization of VAT taxes payable to recognize exchange differences.

  • Create a VAT statement that shows the unrealized VAT amounts. For more information, see Create a VAT Statement.

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