Automatic Payments and Automatic Bills Overview

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can manage automatic bills to customers and from vendors.

Customer Bills and Vendor Bills

You can issue a document to your bank with the payment amounts that are due to vendors on or before a certain date. The bank will pay the amount on or before that date by transferring the money from your bank account to the vendor's bank account.

Similarly, you can issue a billing document to your customers who have payments that are due on or before a certain date. The customers can pay the amount to your bank, which then transfers that amount to your bank account. The bill is then given to the customer as evidence of your receipt of the payment.

Before you can process bills, you must add your bank information to the Company Information window. You must also create bill posting groups and assign a bill posting group to the bank account that you will use for automatic bills. For more information, see How to: Set Up Automatic Payments and Automatic Bills. Then, you can generate lists of customer bills and vendor bills and process them. For more information, see List of Customer Bills and List of Open Vendor Bills.

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