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Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides many features and enhancements for Italy.

New and Changed Features in the Italian version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Blacklist Transactions

In Italy, organizations must report, by electronic means, all transactions that are carried out with persons or organizations having their residence or domicile in a blacklist country/region. The law requires that all Italian VAT-registered organizations periodically report transaction details to the Italian Revenue Service to help prevent VAT fraud. Transactions subject to blacklist reporting include the following:

  • Purchases of Goods

  • Sales of Goods

  • Purchases of Services

  • Sales of Services

On a monthly or quarterly basis, a blacklist communication report must be generated and sent to the Italian Revenue Service.

Blacklist Communication

VAT Communications

In Italy, all tax paying organizations are required to submit a VAT tax report to the tax authority on an annual basis. An annual VAT communication report must be submitted no later than February 28 of each year by using the software provided on the tax authority website.

Annual VAT Communication

VAT 2010

Since 2010, services must be included in the VAT statement. You can now print an annual VAT communication statement that includes total amounts for sales and purchases of capital goods and services.

Annual VAT Comm. - 2010

VAT Exemptions

A VAT exemption is allowed when you sell a product to a company that is outside the European Union (EU). You can also use a VAT exemption when you sell to a company inside the EU if their export business is over 10 percent of their total revenue.

VAT exemptions are issued for a specified period of time and have a unique registry number.

VAT Exemptions

VAT Transaction Report for the Tax Authorities

Every year the Italian tax authorities require Italian companies to print fiscal reports listing all of the posted ledger entries. You can now group the VAT register reports by VAT identifier, posted base, and VAT amounts. Each printed page has its own progressive number and the reports show the printing date and the relevant company information.

You can create a periodic report of VAT transactions over a specified threshold for trade with customers and vendors from a country/region that is outside the EU and is not black-listed.

Italian VAT

Export of Intrastat Data

Italian tax authorities require that you export monthly or quarterly reports of sales and purchases of goods and services to other EU countries/regions. You can use the new Intrastat reports to export the data in a predefined format.

Report Intrastat

Vendor Bill Withholding Tax

Certain independent contractors or consultants are subject to social security withholding taxes. In Italy, you are required by law to withhold a predetermined percent of the social security taxes due and remit the amount to the Instituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale (INPS). The vendor is responsible for paying the remaining social security tax liability.

You can now modify the vendor bill withholding tax before the amounts are posted and paid by bank transfer. You can also modify withholding tax on advanced payments to a vendor, and then post the withholding tax amount when the payment is applied to the vendor bill.

Vendor Bill Withh. Tax

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