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operator== (STL)

Equality operator that's used with path, directory_iterator, and recursive_directory_iterator objects.

template<class String, class Traits>
   bool operator==(
      const path<String, Traits>& Left,
      const path<String, Traits>& Right);
   bool operator==(
      const directory_iterator<Path>& Left,
      const directory_iterator<Path>& Right);
   bool operator==(
      const recursive_directory_iterator<Path>& Left,
      const recursive__directory_iterator<Path>& Right);


The left object.


The right object.

The first operator returns Left.string() == Right.string().

The second and third operators return true if both Left and Right store non-empty file names or if both Left and Right store empty file names; otherwise, the operators return false.

Header: filesystem

Namespace: std::tr2::sys