Initialization Routines

This section lists the initialization routines supplied by the Storport driver.

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The StorPortEnablePassiveInitialization routine enables the miniport's HwStorPassiveInitializeRoutine callback routine to execute at PASSIVE_LEVEL during miniport initialization.


The StorPortGetActiveGroupCount routine returns the number of processor groups that are present in the system.


The StorPortGetActiveNodeCount routine returns the number of nodes that are present in the system.


The StorPortGetBusData routine retrieves the bus-specific configuration information necessary to initialize the HBA.


The StorPortGetCurrentProcessorNumber routine retrieves the current processor number from the kernel.


The StorPortGetGroupAffinity routine constructs a mask of the active processors in a requested group.


The StorPortGetHighestNodeNumber routine returns the largest possible node number on the system.


The StorPortGetLogicalProcessorRelationship routine returns relationship information for one or more specified types. These types include groups, physical packages, and nodes in the host system. The information that is returned includes processor affinity masks that are composed of the logical processors in the host system. These logical processors share the specified relationship types.


The StorPortGetLogicalUnit routine returns a pointer to the miniport driver's per-logical-unit storage area.


The StorPortGetNodeAffinity routine constructs a mask of the active processors in a requested non-uniform memory access (NUMA) node.


The StorPortGetStartIoPerfParams routine places the performance parameters for a given I/O request in a STARTIO_PERFORMANCE_PARAMETERS structure.


The StorPortInitilize routine initializes the port driver parameters and extension data. StorPortInitilize also saves the adapter information provided from the miniport driver.


The StorPortInitializePerfOpts function initializes the performance optimizations that both the miniport driver and the Storport driver support using a PERF_CONFIGURATION_DATA structure.


Used to adjust the BusType of the adapter depending on its current configuration. Setting the BusType with this routine will allow you to override the global property set in the miniport INF without having to re-install the driver. This is useful for scenarios such as RAID support or support for multiple adapters with a different bus type.


The StorPortSetBusDataByOffset routine writes bus-specific configuration information.


The StorPortSetDeviceQueueDepth routine sets the maximum depth of the device queue for the indicated device.


The StorPortSetPowerSettingNotificationGuids routine enables a miniport to receive power setting notifications. The miniport registers an array of GUIDs which identify the power settings to receive power change notifications for.


The StorPortSetUnitAttributes routine registers the power attributes of a storage unit device with the Storport driver.




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