ODataConstants Class

WCF Data Services 5.0

Constant values used by the OData or HTTP protocol or OData library.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Data.OData
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.OData (in Microsoft.Data.OData.dll)

public static class ODataConstants

The ODataConstants type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberContentIdHeaderName of the HTTP content-ID header.
Public fieldStatic memberContentTypeHeaderName of the HTTP content type header.
Public fieldStatic memberDataServiceVersionHeaderName of the OData 'DataServiceVersion' HTTP header.
Public fieldStatic memberMethodDeleteHTTP method name for DELETE requests.
Public fieldStatic memberMethodGetHTTP method name for GET requests.
Public fieldStatic memberMethodMergeCustom HTTP method name for MERGE requests.
Public fieldStatic memberMethodPatchHTTP method name for PATCH requests.
Public fieldStatic memberMethodPostHTTP method name for POST requests.
Public fieldStatic memberMethodPutHTTP method name for PUT requests.

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