Inventory Movement Window

Specifies the instructions that a warehouse employee will follow to move items between bins in basic warehouse configurations as requested by internal source documents or because of a previous manual movement.

For information about manually moving items, which means moving items without source documents, see Internal Movement.

In advanced warehouse configurations, use the Movement Worksheet window to move items between bins. For more information, see How to: Move Items in Advanced Warehousing.

Each inventory movement involves both a take and a place action, it only registers warehouse entries, and it can be performed with or without source documents. This makes inventory movements useful for moving items to and from internal operation areas, such as production and service departments, where posting of the items occurs separately as consumption, shipment, or other.

For more information about moving components with an inventory movement, see How to: Move Components to an Operation Area in Basic Warehousing.

To move items for source documents using inventory movements, the following data and setup conditions must be met:

  • One or more lines on the source document points to a location that is set up with Bin Mandatory and Require Pick or Require Put-away respectively.

  • On the Take line, the item is available in a bin that is not blocked or dedicated to other purposes. For more information, see Dedicated.

  • On the Place line, the item is not fully available in the specified bin. An inventory movement cannot be created if the item already exists in the bin.

For more information, see the Bin Code field on inventory movement lines.

Supported Source Documents

Most warehouse activity documents are created from different source documents according to their item flow in the warehouse or their flow in and out of the company inventory. Because inventory movements only support internal flows between bins inside the warehouse, they can be used from almost all source documents pertaining to internal department activities. The following source documents are supported.

Source document Description

Released Production Order

To move components to a bin that represents the area or production resource where they will be used in production.

Production order components can also be moved with the Inventory Pick window.

Assembly Order

To move components to a bin that represents the area where they will be used in assembly.

If the movement is for an assembly order where the item is assembled to a sales order, then you can define that the inventory movement document is automatically created when you create the inventory pick document that takes the finished assembly item and posts the shipment. To set this up, select the Create Movements Automatically in the Assembly Setup window For more information, see “Handling Assemble-to-Order Items in Inventory Picks” in Inventory Pick.


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