From-Assembly Bin Code Field, Location Table

Specifies the bin in the assembly area where finished assembly items are posted to when they are assembled to stock. From this bin, the assembly items may be moved to other storage bins.

This setup is only possible for locations where the Bin Mandatory field is selected.

The value in this field is automatically inserted in the Bin Code field on assembly order headers when this location code is filled into the Location Code field on the assembly order header.

Assembly items that are assembled to sales orders must be shipped immediately instead of going to storage. For more information about how to set the location up for this flow, see the Asm.-to-Order Shpt. Bin Code field.

Bin codes that are set up on location cards define a default warehouse flow for specific warehouse activities, such as consumption of components in an assembly area. Additional functionality exists to make sure that when items are placed in a default bin, they cannot be moved or picked to other activities. For more information, see how to use the Dedicated field in the Bins window.


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