NC Rename

NC Rename is an operation that runs on a single domain controller (DC) and changes the identity and identity-related information of NC replicas hosted on the DC. Except where noted, these changes are strictly local to the abstract data of the DC (that is, the changes are not replicated). Because of this fact, NC Rename can result in multiple DCs wherein each DC hosts an NC replica of the same NC, but each DC has different values for the abstract data relating to that NC. If such diverging changes are performed, the protocol places no restriction on the behavior of the DCs that hold the divergent abstract data. No mechanism in the protocol prevents such diverging changes. It is recommended to users of the NC Rename operation that great care be taken to make such possibly diverging changes on every DC that is affected by the operation, thereby avoiding such divergence.

To accomplish an NC Rename, three general classes of change need to be made. First, attributes directly associated with the name of the NC need to be modified. These attributes include such things as the NetBIOS name and the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) (1) of the NC. Second, objects and attributes associated with the interdomain trusts that a domain NC is a part of need to be modified. These objects and attributes include such things as trusted domain objects (TDOs) and interdomain trust accounts. Third, the crossRef objects associated with the NCs need to be modified. Additionally, some changes are made to reflect the fact that the preceding types of changes have been completed.

NC Rename can be used to rename both domain NCs and application NCs. In the case of application NCs, there are no interdomain trusts to update.