How to: Use a Configuration Template on a Record

You can apply a data template to any record that is in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and use this technique to change or modify a record. However, when you do this, you overwrite existing values in the record with those of the template. Consequently, you should be careful when you apply a template to existing records.

To use a configuration template on a record

  1. Create a new contact, customer, item, or vendor record. For example, to create a new customer record, in the Search box, enter Customers, and then choose the related link.

  2. On the Home tab, in the New group, choose New. The Customer Card window opens.

  3. Enter a customer number and enter a customer name. In the Process group, choose Apply Template.

  4. Select a customer template that you have created from the list in the Config. Template List window. Choose the OK button.

The default values from the chosen customer template are copied to the customer card.

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