Check Availability Window

Specifies the availability of the item that is demanded on the document line.

This window opens automatically if you enter a quantity on a sales order line, an assembly order line, or an item journal line that is higher than the quantity on inventory.The most complex fields in the window are described here.

Gross Requirement: The sum of the total demand for the item. The total demand consists of independent demand (from sales orders, service orders, transfer orders and production forecasts) and dependent demand (production order components from planned, firm planned, and released production orders, components on assembly order lines, and all of the above when suggested in requisition and planning worksheets.

Scheduled Receipt: The sum of items from replenishment orders. This includes firm planned and released production orders, assembly orders, purchase orders, and inbound transfer orders.

Earliest Availability Date: The arrival date of an inbound supply order that can cover the needed quantity on a date later than the due date. Note that if the inbound order only covers parts of the needed quantity, it is not considered available and the field will not contain a date.

If you want to disregard the warning and record the quantity, click Yes. Click No if you do not want to record the quantity. After you have closed the window, you can check whether the item is available in another location, bin or variant, or whether it will be available at another time. To check the availability of an item on a document line, click the Actions button, click Line, point to Item Availability by, and then select, for example, Event.


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