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operator+ Operator (STL)

Adds duration and time_point objects.

template<class Rep1, class Period1, class Rep2, class Period2>
   constexpr typename common_type<duration<Rep1, Period1>, 
      duration<Rep2, Period2> >::type
   operator+(const duration<Rep1, Period1>& Left,
      const duration<Rep2, Period2>& Right);
template<class Clock, class Duration1, class Rep2, class Period2>
   constexpr time_point<Clock, 
      typename common_type<Duration1, duration<Rep2, Period2> >::type>
   operator+(const time_point<Clock, Duration1>& Time,
      const duration<Rep2, Period2>& Dur);
template<class Rep1, class Period1, class Clock, class Duration2>
      typename common_type<duration<Rep1, Period1>, Duration2>::type>
   operator+(const duration<Rep1, Period1>& Dur,
      const time_point<Clock, Duration2>& Time);


The left duration or time_point object.


The right duration or time_point object.


A time_point object.


A duration object.

The first function returns a duration object that has a time interval that is equal to the sum of the intervals of Left and Right.

The second and third functions return a time_point object that represents a point in time that is displaced, by the interval Dur, from the point in time Time.

Header: chrono

Namespace: std::chrono

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