file_status Class


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Wraps a file_type.

class file_status;  

explicit file_status(file_type ftype = file_type::none, perms mask = perms::unknown) noexcept;file_status(const file_status&) noexcept = default;file_status(file_status&&) noexcept = default;  

file_status& operator=(const file_status&) noexcept = default;  
file_status& operator=(file_status&&) nexcept = default;  

The defaulted member assignment operators behave as expected.

file_type type() const noexcept  
void type(file_type _Ftype) noexcept  

Gets or sets the file_type.

perms permissions() const noexcept  
void permissions(perms_Prms) noexcept   

Gets or sets the file permissions.

Use the setter to make a file readonly or remove the readonly attribute.

Header: filesystem

Namespace: std::tr2::sys

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