operator< Operator (STL)

operator< Operator (STL)


Determines whether one duration or time_point object is less than another duration or time_point object.

template<class Rep1, class Period1, class Rep2, class Period2>
   constexpr bool operator< (
      const duration<Rep1, Period1>& Left,
      const duration<Rep2, Period2>& Right);

template<class Clock, class Duration1, class Duration2>
   constexpr bool operator< (
      const time_point<Clock, Duration1>& Left,
      const time_point<Clock, Duration2>& Right);


The left duration or time_point object.


The right duration or time_point object.

The first function returns true if the interval length of Left is less than the interval length of Right. Otherwise, the function returns false.

The second function returns true if Left precedes Right. Otherwise, the function returns false.

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