ARM Assembler Reference


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The articles in this section of the documentation provide reference material for the Microsoft ARM assembler (armasm) and related tools.

ARM Assembler Command-Line ReferenceDescribes the armasm command-line options.
ARM Assembler Diagnostic MessagesDescribes commonly encountered armasm warning and error messages.
ARM Assembler DirectivesDescribes the ARM directives that are different in armasm.
ARM Architecture Reference Manual on the ARM Infocenter website.Contains additional information about the ARM assembly language.
ARM Assembler Tools Guide on the ARM Infocenter website.Contains reference sections about ARM, Thumb, NEON, and VFP. Note: The "armasm" assembler that is referred to on the ARM Infocenter website is not the Microsoft asmasm assembler that is included in Visual Studio and is documented in this section.

ARM Intrinsics
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