SQL Server 2012

There are multiple options for tracing, which can help to capture problems in the data consumer application, OLE DB service components, Data Provider, DB2 network client, and DB2 database server.

SQL consumer tracing using SQL Server Profiler

SQL Server Profiler is a graphical user interface to SQL Trace for monitoring an instance of the Database Engine or Analysis Services. You can capture and save data about each event to a file or table to analyze later. For more information, see Introducing SQL Server Profiler (

DB2 provider tracing using Provider Trace Utility

The Provider Trace Utility captures and saves information from the Microsoft client for DB2 network connections, OLE DB interfaces and data messages. For more information, see the Host Integration Server 2010 Trace Utility Help ( and SNA Trace Utility (

Network tracing using Network Monitor

The Network Monitor captures network traffic for display and analysis. It enables you to perform tasks such as analyzing previously captured data in user-defined methods, extracting data from defined protocol parsers. It includes a Distributed Data Management (DDM) parser for use with the Data Provider. Contact Microsoft Customer Support Services for a copy of the DDM parser. For more information, see Network Monitor (

DB2 server tracing using IBM tools

For more information, see the IBM DB2 Administration Guide for the applicable DB2 platform and version.

Windows Server events using Event Viewer

The Event Viewer is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in that enables you to browse and manage event logs. For more information, see Event Viewer (