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NetWNV Provider
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NetWNV Provider

This section provides reference information for NetWNV provider classes defined in NetWNV.mof and implemented in NetWNV.dll.

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Serves as a base class for classes that provide access to network settings data, such as MSFT_NetVirtualizationCustomerRouteSettingData, MSFT_NetVirtualizationGlobalSettingData, MSFT_NetVirtualizationLookupRecordSettingData, MSFT_NetVirtualizationNextHopLookup, MSFT_NetVirtualizationProviderAddressSettingData, and MSFT_NetVirtualizationProviderRouteSettingData.


The MSFT_NetVirtualizationCustomerRouteSettingData class represents a customer route or forwarding rule in the WNV module policy table to define virtual network topology seen by the virtual machines.


The MSFT_NetVirtualizationGlobalSettingData class represents the global settings and state of the WNV module for Hyper-V Network Virtualization.


Represents a virtualization policy record, which maps virtual addressees to physical address in the WNV module to implement Hyper-V network virtualization.


Represents a result of looking up a route for the customer address (CA) space address for a given destination.


Represents a physical IP address of the network interface the WNV module is configured on.


The MSFT_NetVirtualizationProviderRouteSettingData represents a physical route configured on the network interface the WNV module is configured on.




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