bufferDepth property

[This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.]

Sets or retrieves the number of bits per pixel used for colors in the off-screen bitmap buffer.


HRESULT value = object.put_bufferDepth( v);HRESULT value = object.get_bufferDepth(* p);

Property values

Type: long


Default. No explicit buffering occurs. The colorDepth property is set to the screen depth.


Buffering occurs at screen depth. The colorDepth property is set to the screen depth.

1, 4, 8, 15, 16, 24, 32

Number of bits per pixel to use for the off-screen buffer. The colorDepth property is also set to this value. The value 15 specifies 16 bits per pixel, in which only 15 bits are used in a 5-5-5 layout of RGB values.


Nonsupported values cause IHTMLScreen::bufferDepth to be set to -1.

When IHTMLScreen::bufferDepth is -1 and the user changes system settings that affect the screen depth, the buffer depth is automatically updated to the new depth. This is not the case if IHTMLScreen::bufferDepth is set to a specific value.



Build date: 6/12/2012

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