Microsoft.Kinect Namespace

[This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.]
Contains the types and members in the Microsoft.Kinect namespace.

AudioBeamRepresents an audio beam.
AudioBeamFrameRepresents an audio beam frame.
AudioBeamFrameArrivedEventArgsProvides data for the FrameArrived event.
AudioBeamFrameListRepresents a collection of AudioBeamFrame objects.
AudioBeamFrameReaderRepresents an audio frame reader.
AudioBeamFrameReferenceRepresents and audio beam frame reference.
AudioBeamSubFrameRepresents an audio beam sub frame.
AudioBodyCorrelationRepresents a correlation between an audio beam subframe and a body tracking ID.
AudioSourceRepresents an audio frame source.
BodyRepresents a body.
BodyFrameRepresents a frame that contains all the computed real-time tracking information about people that are in view of the sensor.
BodyFrameArrivedEventArgsArguments for the body FrameReady events.
BodyFrameReaderRepresents a body frame source reader.
BodyFrameReferenceRepresents a body frame reference.
BodyFrameSourceRepresents a body frame source.
BodyIndexFrameRepresents a frame that is computed based on the depth image. This image tells you which depth or infrared pixels belong to tracked people and which belong to the background.
BodyIndexFrameArrivedEventArgsArguments for a body frame reader's FrameArrived event.
BodyIndexFrameReaderRepresents a reader for body index frames.
BodyIndexFrameReferenceRepresents a reference to an actual body frame.
BodyIndexFrameSourceRepresents a source of body index frames from a KinectSensor.
BufferRepresents a data buffer.
ColorCameraSettingsRepresents the settings of the color camera.
ColorFrameRepresents a color frame for color images.
ColorFrameArrivedEventArgsArguments for a color frame reader's FrameArrived event.
ColorFrameReaderRepresents a reader for color frames.
ColorFrameReferenceRepresents a reference to an actual color frame.
ColorFrameSourceRepresents a source of color frames from a Kinect sensor.
CoordinateMapperRepresents the mapper that provides translation services from one point type to another.
CoordinateMappingChangedEventArgsArguments for a coordinate mapping's CoordinateMappingChanged event.
DepthFrameRepresents a frame where each pixel represents the distance of the closest object seen by that pixel.
DepthFrameArrivedEventArgsArguments for a depth frame reader's FrameArrived event.
DepthFrameReaderRepresents a reader for depth frames.
DepthFrameReferenceRepresents a reference to an actual depth frame.
DepthFrameSourceRepresents a source of depth frames from a KinectSensor.
FrameCapturedEventArgsArguments for a frame source's FrameCaptured event.
FrameDescriptionRepresents the properties of an image frame from the KinectSensor.
InfraredFrameRepresents a frame that provides view of the scene that looks just like a black and white photograph, but is actively lit, so brightness is consistent regardless of location and room brightness.
InfraredFrameArrivedEventArgsArguments for an infrared frame reader's FrameArrived event.
InfraredFrameReaderRepresents a reader for infrared frames.
InfraredFrameReferenceRepresents a reference to an actual infrared frame.
InfraredFrameSourceRepresents a source of infrared frames from a KinectSensor.
IsAvailableChangedEventArgsRepresents the arguments for a KinectSensor's IsAvailableChanged event.
KinectSensorRepresents a Kinect sensor device.
LongExposureInfraredFrameRepresents a long exposure infrared frame.
LongExposureInfraredFrameArrivedEventArgsArguments for an infrared frame reader's FrameArrived event.
LongExposureInfraredFrameReaderRepresents a reader for long exposure infrared frames.
LongExposureInfraredFrameReferenceRepresents a reference to an actual long exposure infrared frame.
LongExposureInfraredFrameSourceRepresents a source of long exposure infrared frames from a KinectSensor.
MultiSourceFrameRepresents a multi source frame from the KinectSensor.
MultiSourceFrameArrivedEventArgsArguments for a multi source frame reader's FrameArrived event.
MultiSourceFrameReaderRepresents a reader for multi source frames.
MultiSourceFrameReferenceRepresents a reference to an actual multi source frame.

CameraSpacePointA 3D location in camera space.
ColorSpacePointA 2D location in color space.
DepthSpacePointA 2D location in depth space.
JointConnects two bones of a skeleton.
JointOrientationOrients a joint relative to the parent joint in the skeleton.
PointFRepresents a 2D point.
RectFStores the upper-left corner, width, and height of a rectangle.
Vector4Represents a 4-element (X,Y,Z,W) vector.

ActivityActivity types.
AppearanceAppearance types
AudioBeamModeTypes of audio beam angle determination.
ColorImageFormatThe available color image formats.
DetectionResultGesture detection result options.
ExpressionUser expressions.
FrameCapturedStatusCaptured frame status options.
FrameEdgesIdentifies if the user's body is visible by indicating any portion of the user that is not in the camera's field of view.
FrameSourceTypesIdentifies the frame source types.
HandStateIndentifies possible hand states
JointTypeJoint types in a skeleton.
KinectAudioCalibrationStateSpecifies the Kinect for Windows sensor audio calibration states.
KinectCapabilitiesSpecifies the capabilities of the kinect sensor.
TrackingConfidenceSpecifies the Kinect sensor tracking confidence.
TrackingStateSpecifies the Kinect sensor joint tracking states.

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