Troubleshoot an app


If your app is not running correctly, here are some things to check.

  1. Check these settings in your Visual Studio project.

    • Select Build > Configuration Manager. Make sure Active solution configuration is set to Debug, and Active solution platform is set to ARM, x64, or x86 (C#|Visual Basic)|ARM, x64,Win32 (C++).

    • For C#|VisualBasic projects: Select PROJECT > Add Reference and view the Extensions under Windows . Make sure that both Bing Maps for C#, C++, or Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Package are selected.

    • For C++ projects: Select PROJECT > yourProjectName Properties. Make sure Bing.Maps.XAML is listed as a reference. If this reference does not appear, click Add Reference, expand Windows > Extensions, and then add Bing Maps for C#, C++, or Visual Basic to your project.

  2. Make sure Visual Studio is installed on the device that is running your application. 

  3. Make sure you are using the latest Windows 8 and Bing Maps SDK versions.