The following are some links to resources external to this documentation where you can learn more about MVVM and Windows Phone development.



How Do I: Use MVVM in a Windows Phone Application

A video that demonstrates how the MVVM pattern can be applied to Windows Phone applications.

Josh Smith Advanced MVVM

Details on a book for developers looking to take their MVVM skills to the next level.

MVVM Light Toolkit

A toolkit that comprises a set of components that help people get started with the MVVM pattern.

MVVM Foundation

A small and concentrated library of classes that are useful when building MVVM applications.

John Grossman's MVVM Introduction

An article with John Grossman's thoughts on using the MVVM pattern.

Karl Schifflett's MVVM in the box Training

A feature extension that contains MVVM training that is consumed within Visual Studio 2010.

Windows Phone App Hub

Additional documentation, code samples, and a community for Windows Phone development.

Windows Phone Development Documentation

Official Windows Phone development documentation on MSDN.

Silverlight Documentation

Official Silverlight and Silverlight for Windows Phone documentation on MSDN.

Code Samples for Windows Phone

Downloadable code samples that supplement the Windows Phone documentation.

Windows Phone QuickStarts

A collection of short topics that demonstrate tasks or features in Windows Phone development.

Windows Phone Developer Guide

A developer guide that describes a scenario around a fictitious company that has decided to use Windows Phone 7 as a client device for their existing cloud-based application.

The Windows Phone Developer Blog

A blog that contains current information and announcements straight from the Windows Phone team.

Jeff Wilcox Blog

A blog about Silverlight, Silverlight Toolkit, and Silverlight for Windows Phone. Jeff Wilcox is a senior software developer at Microsoft on the Windows Phone team.

Jeff Prosise Blog

A blog about various areas in .NET programming, including Silverlight and Windows Phone. Jeff Prosise is long-time Windows programmer and a cofounder of Wintellect.

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